Conference on Languange Teaching of Suryakancana CONNECTS 2017

Conference on Languange Teaching of Suryakancana CONNECTS  2017

The 1st national Conference on Languange Teaching of Suryakancana, CONNECTS 2017 will be held at January 21,2017 at Suryakancana Auditorium. The topic of our conference this year is “Building Multiliteracies among Language Teachers in Facing 21st Century.” The sub-themes of this conference include: The Use of ICT in ELT/CALL, Literature in ELT, Classroom Action Reserach, Applied Linguistics, Best Practice in ELT, Classroom Discourse, Language Evaluation and Assessment, EFL Methodology, TEYL, Character building in ELT, Critical Thinking in ELT, English across Culture, Exploring Local Values, and Culture in ELT. The topic is very relevant to current demand of Indonesia poeple in dealing with ASEAN Economic Community era, when competition is getting harder and human resources should be able to keep up with technology development to be multiliterated teachers in facing 21st century. The topic is also in line with the vission of Suryakancana University to be as nationally standardized and internationally acknowledged institution in 2031. This conference is held by the students of 5th semester and supervised by the lecturers of English Education Study Program of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training of Suryakancana University Cianjur. There are two plenary sessions, two workshops, and twenty pararell sessions while each pararell consists of three to four presentations. The keynote speakers for Connects 2017 are Eri Kurniawan, M.A., Ph.D from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia as President of ALTI, Dr. Gumawang Jati from Institut Teknologi Bandung as i-Tell President, Finita Dewi, S.S., MA from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia as Edmodo Ambassador, and Badriah, M.Pd as The scond Best of national Teacher Competion 2015. There pararell presenters and participants come from various universities all around Indonesia such as UPI, UNPAD, UNY, UNM, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Universitas Singa Perbangsa, Universitas Siliwangi, and also from Suryakancana University. Selected papers are published on Connects 2017 proceeding with ISBN. Hopefully, it could be held annually and internationally that would involve all of counterparts.

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